Transcribe audio and video to text fast and affordable with high accuracy using AI

Transcribe your audio or video from 30+ languages. Support MP3, MP4, WAV, WEBM, and more. Including YouTube videos and Google Drive files.

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Transcribe your audio and video to text fast and accurately.

With AI technology, you no longer need to spend hours manually transcribing audio/video.

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Fast and highly Accurate

Takes less than 5 minutes to transcribe 1-hour long audio/video with more than 90% accuracy.

Large file size and long duration

You can transcribe audio files up to 2 GB with a maximum duration of 3 hours per file per credit.

YouTube videos? We got that!

Transcribe any YouTube video you want by copy-pasting the link.

Easy to use, affordable price

Just upload or paste a YouTube link, wait for the results, voila! No fuss. Only $7.99 per credit (up to 3 hours audio/video)

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Payment and Pricing

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  • No need to subscribe monthly
  • Only pay for the transcripts you need.
  • Price is 10x cheaper than manual transcript service providers.
  • With just ... you can process files up to 2 GB with a duration per file of up to 3 hours!
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